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#1 2021-02-20 14:43:28

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Marty; I'm honored... become a part of your newly published online forum! I've been a sub on YouTube for awhile (I'm not linier & can't measure time) & would proudly recommend you as a mentor ♥ Your uncanning brilliance & beauty aren't everyone's cup of tea, so to say, but the chosen ones will know immediately from the moment their soul connects with yours.
Thank you, you've given my mustard seed of SUPERNOVA the much needed support && confidence that was vital for my divine purposes' blossoming! Anyone who's truly ready to make an improvement in their lives, will find you to be irresistible. Or is that just me -- The effect its had on me, personally? I'm truly curious how others have have experienced you too, Marty.
I'm stoked to be here, learning to love life again from a different POV, loving my own unique universal unconditional & un socially acceptable self.

Cheers ♥
-Amanda Dawn established 15FEB1990 - #9 LifePath


#2 2021-02-20 17:05:09

Marty Glenn
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Re: Marty; I'm honored...

Well thank you and I appreciate the words. It is a tough go since I am so across the board. To be honest I do not really now what others think. I try to see it in the comments but aside from really caring words; nothing is to personally deep. or maybe I am looking for something else. Maybe?

As for this; Yes. YouTube and the comment section is horrible. I cannot keep track of anything and I get confused. Not fair to me or viewers; not my fault it is YouTube. But they never intended for a comment section like mine. So goes my life. - M


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