Is life a destination? Nope!

Life is a journey.

Happiness is a feeling that feels like nothing; it is just a smile. Unhappiness is what drives us away from that smile or as I say, away from nothing. Learning about yourself is the most important thing we can do and when asked the question: "What is the meaning of life?" My answer is always the same: "It is to learn about ourselves". Embrace your inner self. Find your personality type. Do not forget to bring your honesty and transparency; it is the only way for you to see the real you.

Join my channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is hard work and the level of involvement is critical to its success. I never could have imagined the growth and support that I have received. I committed myself to specific goals with the channel and to my viewers. To continue reaching my goals, there needs to be some minor changes with regards to the level my involvement and the content I produce for YouTube. This new self-named site will be used for my viewers to expand and deepen not only their connection with me but with other members as well. More importantly, this site will detail the future of my content and showcase content that is not ever going to be released on YouTube.

Not the same old copycat recycled content.

Haters are going to hate. Those that appreciate different ideas, it is you that I enjoy talking to. I do love the haters too, for they are the ones that make you famous!


Providing value and to help is my goal; not to be a YouTube star or internet sensation.


Personal growth is very important. Sometimes that growth comes from the strangest places.


Let me know if you are confused about this part. I want to have more fun in life.

Thank you for visiting.